Delete contacts in DC-Desktop

Expected behavior

Possibility to delete contacts in the desktop version.

Actual behavior

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to delete contacts in DC-Desktop.


Over time, quite a lot of contacts accumulate that are actually no longer needed. So I think it would be nice to be able to delete contacts in the desktop version as well.

is this even possible in the android and iOS versions yet?

Yes, at least in the iOS version.
Unfortunately, I can’t check whether this also applies to DC-Android.
An email address that DC has taken over from the iOS contacts must be removed there before.
If it is a DC user, it is necessary to delete the chat first.
With all other addresses it works directly.
To do this, select “New Chat”, wipe the corresponding address to the left and then you have the choice between “Delete” and “Info”.

By the way, I recently noticed that broadcast lists already work in DC desktop as long as they were created on mobile and transferred with the backup.
The icon and the correct name of the list are displayed.
However, the recipients are not all visible, only one address that comes first in alphabetical order. Nevertheless, everyone is reached.