🕳 Delete messages of blocked contacts from server

Good Delta-team, developers, user,

not sure if possible wrong perceived and/or general wished, but just got maybe aware of it:

Expected behavior

When a “chat/contact” will be blocked instead of accept, messages related to it will be deleted from device and server, at “least” as additional option.

Actual behavior

When blocking, say commercial offers, “spam”, … my person thought that message/es are trashed, both on device and server, as well. While “chat” on device isn’t seen any more (not sure whether still in a DB), the messages would remain on the server, unseen via the app.

In such case, if using DC as only client/tool, server could be filled by such mails unseen, right?

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This would cause problems in case you want to use DC only with accepted contacts and not for all emails, but I understand that in case you want to use DC as a client for all emails it could be a useful feature to add as a non-default option.

My person can’t follow the logic used here, good Darhma. It’s about using all mails, receiving all contacts, but to delete mails not only the appearing of a certain contact.

It’s lesser thought as a kind of spam prevention but more a way to clean up.

I mean that probably at the moment when you block a contact DC does not delete the messages because if you used DC only for accepted contacts and not for all mails you would delete messages that are not necessarily unwanted: for example I use DC not for all mails but only for accepted contacts because some types of mails I prefer to manage with a traditional client and if this type of mails were automatically deleted I would not be happy.
But I agree that In case you use DC for all emails it would be a useful option to activate.

Understandable, if so. Appreciation for patient.

it is not the same ignoring classic email than contacts you explicitly block (even if they use Delta Chat messages will not show up) deleting the messages from blocked contacts (that might be spammers) will help to avoid full inbox

That’s what my person thought that it works.

Currently one needs to delete singe messages first and then block, if wishing, or just delte the conversation.