Deleting saved messages on one device does not delete them on others

Using the Android version, 1.14.5, deleting saved messages on one device where DC tells me that they will be deleted from the server as well, does not delete them from Saved Messages on the other devices.

The reasonable expectation is that they would be deleted on /all/ devices, not just the device the action was taken on and the server. Server deletions should sync to all devices.

Thanks for your feedback!

The problem with this is that there is a feature “Delete messages from server” that automatically deletes messages from the server after a given time (may be instant), but keeps them on the device.

So, unfortunately, it is currently impossible to do this due to technical restrictions.

Multi-device-usage needs quite some polishing anyway, maybe we will find a solution when we tackle the other multi-device-issues.

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I am not sure why that precludes the ability to add the feature I proposed? The user could choose between: (1) the current behavior thus retaining messages on the device which have been manually/automatically deleted from the server and (2) automatically syncing messages on the device to reflect what is on the server. I am not seeing why this would be technically impossible? I think it would be possible to simply extend one of the current IMAP settings from two choices to include this third choice thus encompassing current operations as well as the suggested one.

In fact, what I have proposed is consistent with how IMAP (mostly works), ie syncing what is on the server to the device automatically. I write (mostly) because on my Android devices I can further restrict those messages on the device to a max number but that does not affect what is on the server, it serves to not unnecessarily clog device memory.

The main problem is resynchronizing after a period of staying offline. Full sync requires downloading full message list with their flags from all watched folders.

If you have two devices, and both have downloaded a message, then device 1 went offline and device 2 deleted one of the messages or marked it as read, device 1 will not receive any notification of this event. It will have to download all messages after reconnection or rely on QRESYNC extension which is usually not available.

See my reply here:

This is not impossible, but it’s completely different compared to how DeltaChat operates today.

Reading your comment I think that sounds reasonable, ie that the device that has been off-line resyncs, or? After all, is that not how IMAP e-mail works? I have computers that have not been online for days/weeks/months and when turned on again syncs all the mail accounts - which is exactly what I expect them to do, regardless of how long they have been off-line. This is using Thunderbird on multiple computers and K-9 mail on multiple Android devices. It does not matter which device I pick up to check my e-mail on, they are all in sync.

From my perspective, this is how I would also expect DC to work (and Telegram is already working).

After all, if you have multiple devices one or more of them would always be expected to be off-line for any reason, however short or long time, eg turned off intentionally, battery run down, not able to sync because not on WiFi/cell service etc. etc.