Delta chat android build issues

i am pm for, we are canada based non profit organization, providing platform for at risk and margninalized demographic., we are entirely donation funded. we would like to use delta chat as a method of secure communication for our members, however, have been struggling to build the deltachat android app for almost 2 months,
our head ewb dev, rakesh, posted in the forum, and was questioned about contribution.
he was unable to answer these questions because it is outside the scope of his understanding,
godberd would be more than happy to share any unique dev or bug fixes we come across but it seems we cant get past step one,

i saw that a moderator said to speak directly to deltachat support, which we did, going as far as offering some form of compensation for support but they deffered us back to github.

im not sure i understand why the topic originally was closed, my understanding of opensource is that the code is available to build and implement in accordance with oopensource guidelines, which i feel our intended use does.

we have exhausted the documentation and spent many coomunity dollars trying to solve this, and we have remained commited to the delatchat product because we believe in it.

we offered to pay deltachat for the build, or for any type of license available but they were not interested in this saying that what we need is here.

i ask kindly of the community for any assistance that can be given to rakesh in this endeavor

any questions about our community or organization can be answered through our manifesto.


there is nothing commercial about our model.

Hello @dutch666 – sent you a mail today and answered your other forum post … Let’s see to discuss this further 1:1 in a call.