Delta Chat Android freeze with large text messages


Android: 7.1.2
Delta Chat: 0.304.0 F-Droid

I have sent all the text content of this file:

This happened when I was sending the message.

Then I was checking info of the message.

I got back to the main menu of the application and tried to open the group again. This happens all times from now.

There is no problem on desktop app:

Log, but not when I sent the message:


You could try to clear cache, reboot the phone…


That is a “remedy” and not a real solution.

Also, I can send some messages from desktop to move the large message away from charge zone (and I made it), but the problem would happen again with another large message.


You could do that (send another large message) in order to find out if this is a one-time-only issue. The message wasn’t THAT big, 5 kb if I’m not wrong


I don’t need it since if I try charge that old message by sliding up, Delta Chat freezes again.

You have also the evidence after got back to the group.

About the size, the real size is 23,2 kb, maybe base64 compression is lying you if you check size from the network.

Edited: 59,6 after copy it in a raw text file.


That’s weird, DC takes 2-5 secs to open (all I see is a blank screen and a title bar) in my phone, from what I realize I’m one of the slowest DC users (otherwise others would complain about it) :wink: But DC behave really smooth once loaded.
Although it make some glitches when receiving lots of messages.

That message took a long time to load on my phone but I think that was more a provider issue than DC fault


hm. we had a similar issue in the past and fixed it by forcing a maximal message length of 30K.

the reason for the slowness/crash at that time was that the used view could not handle texts that were too long.

maybe these 30K are even too much. maybe we should cut the text eg. already at 10K (nb: the “full” text is still available at info that shows up to 100K). maybe this also depends on the used android version. many maybes :slight_smile:


No network problem, 4G connection and 1 MB (MegaByte)/s download speed and 100 KB of upload speed on WiFi. Problem persisted after send the message and after download it.


no so fast! this must be some kind of bug, I am in that group, and I have a phone with about 450MB of RAM and I have no problems with that message you sent @echedeyLR I just scrolled up to find it and scrolled up along the message without any problem, just a little delay of less than a second, just a few milliseconds to load the bubble, how can it crash the app to you and not to me??? there must be something else here…


Take in account this:

and this:

The problem about back window was only if I tried got back to the group + charge that last message.

At now, the app only freezes when I tried to load the message again, after a moment (some seconds, not ms) I can slide down or up again but every time I pass again over the message the app freeze again or even if I check info of that message (some seconds again, not ms). The app does not crash.


I checked the info for the message and haven’t delay at all :thinking:


If you watch video resolution a bit strange it is because I made a fast re-codification and did not look at that.

This is a gif from the same video if you can’t watch it: