Delta Chat Android V.1.0

just out of curiosity.
When will you release V.1.0 in google play store?

1000 downloads already reached.
My Wikipedia article is waiting for publishing :wink:

Hi webratte,
don’t make stress. Delta Chat 1.0 comes when it have the state for this version but you can try out to translate your wikipedia side to a english side. I think it is a good way to use this time :wink:


Thats a really bad idea.
A translation of me would never ever got a chance to be published :joy:

I wouldn’t say that DC “feels” like 1.0 yet, so you will need to be patient :frowning_face:

Yes, you are absolutely right :+1:

And what do you think about a new beta with the current changes and fixes?

I never said they should release a v.1.0 right now.
I asked when they will do that :yum:

the rumour has it there will be a new release this week.
But that is just a rumour :wink: