Delta.Chat as self-hosted/serverless hosted twitter or reddit?

Expected behavior

three button:

  1. public / private newsletter (anyone can join to your public newsletter, private is invite-only)
  2. publish to static html (connect to netlify, github, vercel, cloudflare, etc.)
  3. connect/subscribe to other peoples newsletter/newsgroup/subreddit threads

Actual behavior

  • quick reading/following topics in a decentralized way
  • viewer stats & sharings
  • connect / view / read / modify other newsgroups/newsletters

Different color surface, its like a “reddit/twitter” client tab to separate from your private chats. Also a search bar to search between topics.

If someone is interested I can create some visuals for this. The core idea is to bypass centralized social media apps, and give all the power for the users to create/modify/delete/share their contents while all could be in private storage or online. How you connect each user email/profile is by accepting other people to join your newsgroup/newsletter in a decentralized way. (the connections should stay somewhere online, like an encrypted newsletter address base)

All text is plain text, and simple static html output.

Is this even possible to make it happen?

Example Images

Its like Publii CMS, just for emails/newsletters/twitter and reddit like simple txt & static html feeeds:


notice that it is already possible (with some limitations) use your mastodon/fediverse account using a Mastodon bridge bot

I had the idea to do something similar in a future in DeltaLab (Delta Chat fork) and integrate such bot inside the app, so you could use it as a mastodon client, a text board would be nice as well, maybe with a Lemmy bridge?

My problem with mastodon/fediverse is this: its too complicated. The more complications exists, the more problems will arise. Static html output would be very simple: you can use some html template/skin for your mastodon/reddit like output (published profile), but everything is just plain text and static html. The security issues will be managed by your cloud provider.

If you check Publii CMS, they have a “bridge” to netlify/vercel/cloudflare/ftp/github and i have been thinking about something similar. (there is a sync button to sync between your clients /serverside.)
So, you can have your our static html microsite on vercel/netlify/github, with your messages/tweets/reddit like threads, or you can store it offline on your client. It means a p2p decentralized full user control twitter like experience.

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what is described here is similar to what I wrote in the “delta-chat-web” version

when you say deltalab, you mean something like: adbenitez/deltalab-android? is this version official? yes or no?

it is a fork from the official android app

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