Delta.Chat becomes inactive in Samsung phone

I’ve been using using for many month now and it seems to be quite reliable on my main phone.

On my other phone (Samsung A3 2016) I faced some problems with the message reception: When delta chat is in the backround it seems to become inactive and there is no message alert. As soon as the app is in the foreground (active) all missed messages appear.

From my understandig Samsung deactivates delta chat for batterydrain reason.

Is it possible to deactivate this battery option for delta chat by default (like Whatsapp)?

If not this behaviour might lead to dissapointment for normal users that are not experts.


normally, Delta Chat asks the user to disable “Battery optimizations” at some time.

if, for some reasons, the question does not appear or was clicked away, “Battery optimization” for Delta Chat can be disabled in the system settings. done so, background notifications should be more reliable as the system does not kill the app then (in fact, this is what they call “Battery optimization” - for many apps this does more harm than good :wink: