Delta Chat Community (EN)

@adbenitez created a new mailing list to be used as “super group” in Delta Chat.

Name: Delta Chat Community (EN).

To join, open Delta Chat and send / to the bot .

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Hi, is the bot already active?
I sent the message over an hour ago, but still no response.


Hmm ok, I guess I’m doing something wrong. :thinking:
The bot’s address is correct.
I copied this text here and sent it in DC.

Do you have to pay attention to anything else with bots?

this is something new under development so the mailman service could be down to upgrade it when you tried to join, try again now, also the bot should reply to /help maybe try sending /help first to check the bot can reach your address and it is not rejected by your provider

btw, send /list to the bot to see the full list of super groups and channels

tip: the super groups and channels are anonymous so your address is not revealed to the members!!! you have some “mask”/“cloak”/“puppet” address that is the same across groups so you have some sort of identity similar to IRC nicks without revealing your email address avoiding spam and people adding you to arbitrary groups

Unfortunately it still doesn’t work. I also tried /help and /list.
Why should the provider block the server?
At least the Hispanilandia website works perfectly in my browser.

Good feature! :+1:


I’ve tried multiple times with two different providers, but it still doesn’t work. :thinking:

Now it works! :partying_face:

nice work, very cool idea to have these types of groups in delta chat!

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