Delta Chat for Android 1.1.2 labelled "Latest release" on GitHub


Any idea why Delta Chat for Android version 1.1.2 is labelled “Latest release” on GitHub while version 1.6.2 already exists?

Cheers, Gerry

yes, this is a bit weird.

the reason is that we do no longer use for releases at all, there are also no apk or so any longer.

for releases, we use

but i agree, that it is weird that only old releases are shown on github, maybe we should just delete all releases (then, only tags would be shown) or add a “pseudo-release” that points to the new page.

however, for now, i’ve flagged the latest tag as being a release - however, i fear this will be forgotten again as the tags are just created by git tag v1.2.3 and this does not create a “release” on github.

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Thanks for taking care, I thought that the new releases were for testing.

Cheers, Gerry

for testing, we have nightlies meanwhile, however, all of that is on , for information about a specific release, see the linked changelogs (the releases only duplicate these information)

i meanwhile have converted the most recent github-release-tags to pure-tags - this finally convinced github to show things on intended and maybe less confusing.

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