Delta Chat Group in Cuba

They are interested in knowing what is the origin, history and age of Delta Chat.
I would appreciate if someone can help us with some information.

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@r10s was upset that there was no real alternative to WhatsApp, because of it’s network effect(nearly everyone has it, so you need to have it too)(
Then he had an idea - everybody has an email account these days - so why not chat over email?
Because he didn’t find a good app that offered chatting over email at the time, he started making one himself.

When there is so much interest we might do a (timeline?)page on the website about delta chats history…
Anyways until then you can find information in the blog

Also I’m not a press contact/person, so rather ask @hpk or @r10s


it’s a good summary, thanks @Simon

We want to know if DeltaChat has a birthday :birthday:, when they started writing their first codes.:thinking::smile:

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hm, difficult. there is january 31st 2017 where there was a first version on f-droid: