Delta Chat is no longer working after udpate

Today I received an update. Version 1.0.0
Now I can no longer chat with my colleague. It works grate before the update. Messages can not be received. But I see the messages in my E-Mail client. So it seems not to be an problem of my mail server.
Also wen I try to invite my colleague Delta Chat hangs endless.
I and my colleague already de-installed delta chat an installed it new - did not no longer work.


hi @rsoika - first of all - welcome aboard!

to the problem: which provider are you using? we fixed some problems with gmail today, but also some other issues that may cause hangs under some circumstances. i think there will be an update to 1.0.1 later today or tomorrow.

Today we receive the update but still Delta Chat does not work.

In the mean time I tried the OX COI app but there seems to be the same issue. Is COI a base library for droid chat?
The interesting thing is, that my colleague and I using the same mail provider ( and the problem seem only be my installation (I am not 100% sure). I have a old android version (5.0.2), my colleague a very new version.
And the problem did not occur since the chat messages are encrypted. So the first tests after a new installation work and as soon as the chat should be encrypted I did no longer receive messages. But I can see the encrypted messages on my thunderbird. So the mail server seems to work…

They use our deltachat core library.

Can you send us the logs? use delta (AT) or censor the personal data before sharing it here.