Delta Chat Windows 10 desktop edition. Got no information for new incoming messages

Hello to the Delta Chat community. I’ve encountered a problem of the windows 10 desktop version of Delta Chat (may be I’ve made a mistake in my installation run or in my settings): I get no a delivery-hint on new messages placed on the DeltaChat-Icon. If that’s not a mistake, I think it could be an improvement to implement some kind of recognition for the desktop users, too. Despite this, although I am in test mode, yet, I am getting more and more convinced.


First Question: what version of DeltaChat are you using? Top menu → Help → About
Second Question: is DeltaChat running in the background? It can only receive messages if it is active.

Let‘ see… the help tab Shows Version 1.14.1. If I didn’t mention it before, my DeltaChat is brand new. Installation is just three days ago. I think it‘s running in the background (there is a little Icon on the right side of the Windows taskbar). What I got is a Windows notification on every new incoming DeltaChat-Message. So far, so good, but I guess it will be much more convenient to recognize with one look, if I received incoming Messages, recently, even if I leave my workplace for some time.

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