Delta Chat with redirected newsletter messages?


I’m using Delta Chat 1.20.5 for Android. The email-account that I use in Delta Chat is personalized with my full name because I only use Delta Chat with my family so far. Now I wanted to get E-Mail notifications as close as possible to real time but I don’t want to give the newsletter provider personal data.
So I created a new email address (not an account) to redirect messages to my Delta Chat account.

Now each incoming message of the newsletter is a contact request in Delta Chat - even if I accept one ore more of the requests. When I look at the profile of the request, I can see a group containing the addresses of me, my forwarding address and the address of the newsletter provider.

Is there a setting I forgot to make this work? Or is the only way to create a new account with my new address? (i would prefer having only one account)

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Are you using Firefox Relay as alias ?

Thank you for helping.
I’m sorry that my previous explanation might be misunderstanding. The situation is this:

In Delta Chat I’m using my address myname@domain.tld. I created an additional email address something@domain.tld and set a rule to forward all incoming emails to myname@domain.tld.
I registered at the newsletter provider with something@domain.tld.

Now all newsletter messages are sent by newsletter@provider.tld to something@domain.tld. Because of the forwarding rule they reach my Delta Chat account. But every time only as a request.

Maybe the topic should have been “Delta Chat with forwarded newsletter messages” :slight_smile:

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Maybe because, even if the sender is always the same, the subject change every email, and it could has sense with mailing list