Deltachat delete messages more option

Version 1.36.4 (git: v1.33.0-205-g6d91754e)

Expected behavior

Delete messages from server, when I delete chats OR messages from the device.

Actual behavior

It does not include this option

Please include the option to delete messages from server when I delete chats OR messages from the device.
This will synchronize messages between the devices and I will not have to re-delete a message on another device, if I have deleted it on one.

Can you please include this option in the next release?

When you delete messages they are deleted from the server as well, whereas when you delete a chat the messages are not deleted from the server.

The problem with device synchronization depends on the fact that if the second device is online at the same time as the first device it will probably still download the messages before they are deleted, whereas if it is offline when it comes back online it should not download the messages because they are no longer on the server.

Thank you very much!
Then it would be a nice thing if you include an option in the drop down menu of a particular conversation, to delete all messages in the conversation, instead of having one to mark each and every message and delete it.
Also it would be nice to include a button when a new message arrives and the sender is not in your list, to “BLOCK AND DELETE” instead of just “BLOCK” and “ACCEPT”. This will allow to block the sender (spam) and delete the message from the server.
Please consider the above points, it will make this nice idea even nicer!