DeltaChat Desktop 1.1.0 Linux did not start

The DeltaChat Desktop 1.1.0 .deb file is installed properly and gives me the error seen at the picture. I use elementary OS as shown here:

The new 1.1.0 version of DeltaChat Desktop won’t start.

Here is the error message from the console:

The AppImage also failed to start

Here’s my Java version used at the system.


Same problem on Windows 10.

thanks for reporting - we filed an issue where you can track the current state of fixing:

so, it’s good we have not announced or shipped the 1.1 version officially -@Marko @webratte - you got aware of the update on irc then? i am not totally sure about the beta-announcement channels for desktop :slight_smile:

Hehe, no. I watch your project on Github. So I get my mail if there is a new release. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting the bug. It was not in the release, but instead a corrupted build, because the build script was broken and used some files from the previous build.
I now fixed it and already it replaced the uploaded files.


The new build works very well. Zoom option is a nice helper here.