DeltaChat doesn't group messages as before (regression)

Hi, and thanks for your reply!

So this has probably been changed, so that mails that are not replies (and have more than one recipients?) show up as a new conversation, right? I think that change makes sense.

I think I just want an additional setting to configure what happens, when I get a mail “request” / a new mail that is not a reply (and has more than one recipient). “Email interaction: show classing emails (for acceptec contacts)” could be clearer, for example “Show as requests: none / for accepted contacts / all
Show as new thread/conversation: for accepted contacts / all”

If I understand you correctly it’s not a bug but working as intended. It’s just impossible right now to always show mails if they are sent by a contact: If the message goes to multiple recipients and is not a reply to an existing conversation it will either show up as a request or not at all. Correct?

That’s a different scenario than mine. (Congratulations for finding that bug however :wink: )


it will show as request if “show classing emails” is set to “all” - otherwise it won’t show up.

in the first usecase (“all”), you typically do no use another mail program and want to handle all mails with Delta Chat, in the second usecase (“chats only”, “replies”), you typically use another mail program in addition to Delta Chat.

Hmm, so in the first and second usecases, wouldn’t some people like a notification for messages by contacts they have already accepted? It might be annoying or too much if it’s a conversation you don’t want to be notified about/use as a chat, but on the other hand if it is an important one or your contact wrote a new mail instead of a reply for no good reason, wouldn’t it be better to be notified? I think at least a setting for that would be good. If you think I am the only one who wants this (which might well be true) I can create a topic with a poll on the forum.

isn’t that the case already?

you get system-notifications for all messages that show up in accepted chats.

I was talking about the “new conversations”-mails from a non-DC client that are not a reply to a message before and have more than one recipient. So no, these do not notify the user. Question is, am I the only one who wants that.

if you enable “Show classic mails” to “All” (or to “Accepted contacts”), “new conversations”-mails from a non-DC client should result in a notification.

if they have more than one recipient, however, in fact, this group does not always pop up - maybe the bug mentioned above is related, though.

however, i suggest to wait for the next release (coming soon™) and try over then. this bug, and some other possibly related are fixed then.

So if it does pop up it should also always give me a notification? Because I’ve never gotten a notification about a request. Yes, I do have “Show classic mails” set to “All”.

I’ve not had any problems with the request not showing up at all though, I think.

OK cool, thanks for keeping working on this! :slight_smile: I’ll report back ASAP

you will get notifications.

however, this “notification wording” is not sufficient :slight_smile:

there are at least two type of notifications that Delta Chat uses:

  1. in-app-notifications atop of the chatlist, visible when the app is in use
  2. system-notifications that show up when the app is not active

both types will have an colored unread-counter in the chatlist.

for unknown, unaccepted contacts, only 1. is used. this is by design currently, mainly because of spam that otherwise will make the phone ring/vibrate/ring, esp. with the show_emails=all setting.

Oh, I thought it was obvious I meant the Android system notifications in the top system bar. How about a different word than notifications for the requests at the top of the messages list to be more clear?

I thought so that no system notifications are intended. However I don’t think people get a lot of spam if they only get notifications for “accepted contacts”. Anyway this is why I am requesting a setting for that. I also think it would be more intuitive for beginners: They might accept someone as a chat-contact and then not get notified about a new mail. As stated before I volunteer to ask people on the forum whether they think it would be annoying to have system notifications for accepted contacts or a setting for that.