DeltaChat folder in Maildir - needs to be created by hand?

Hi users,

I am using my regular mail address for DC as well. To make it more convenient all the DC mails should be transferred to a dedicated DeltaChat directory residing within the Maildir folder.
Up to now even though I chose the option “Move to DeltaChat folder automatically” the messages were stuck in the general INBOX folder.
Using Thunderbird I created the DeltaChat folder by hand, and after that the DC mails are sent there automatically.
Now I wonder, will DC (normally!) create a folder DeltaChat in Maildir?
BTW the mail server is a combination of postfix+dovecot.


normally, the DeltaChat folder should be created automatically as needed. once done, please note that only DeltaChat messages are moved, “normal” mails are not moved.
however, of course, there may also be a bug, maybe a bug that appears only in special combinations - if you rename the folder in thunderbird, you will probably again have the mails stuck in the inbox? maybe someone else can confirm/negate that behavior?

Sometimes DC messages aren’t moved into “Delta”-folder and remain in main inbox, good Master. No pattern when and why can be traced so far. (It might be that the progress gets disturbed by bad connection and later “forgot” to tedo this action). It might be related to user who let the mystic infos “setup changed” or “UNCHECKED” appear before (so that parts are no more recogniced as DC-message). May it be of use.

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It would be helpful if you can move your DeltaChat folder to backup, then restart DeltaChat and see if it fails to create the folder. If it fails, look into the log for any errors.

Normally Delta Chat tries to create DeltaChat folder right after account configuration and immediately after reconnection.

This problem might be related to the DeltaChat iOS issue:
DeltaChat messages are kept in infolder #1255