DeltaChat-Group: an experience space

Hi, is there a group based on Delta Chat to discuss about delta chat? It’s about an opportunity to collect experiences together.

Hallo, gibt es auf der Basis von DeltaChat eine Gruppe, die sich mit Deltachat beschäftigt? Immerhin könnten auf diesem Weg direkt Erfahrungen gesammelt und ausgetauscht werden.

Awesome idea, though I see some difficulties:

Technical Issue

But such a group could get quite big and many providers limit how many recipients a message can have. (most providers are between 20-50 I guess) this number is also the max group member count in normal group, you can not send messages nor leave a group that is bigger than your provider allows.

One option would be mailing list support, that’s on the roadmap but not implemented yet.
Another option is to use a bot to relay message, @adbenitez’s simple bot can do this in a feature called mega groups, but until BOT - Impersonate / Alias names is implemented in delta chat it doesn’t look/feel like a real group.

Responsibility/‘Privacy’ Issue

Also we are against centralization, so one official, public delta-chat discussion group is nothing we want to moderate/host/take care of.


We have a testing group though, you can ask @compl4xx to add you to that.
Also feel free to start such a community group and advertise it here.

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