Deltachat ios releases

Just a question. How do we can know when there is a new IOs beta? Is there a plan like 2 weeks or something about it?

thank you.

first of all, we’re in Apple’s Testflight and you can use Delta Chat for iOS already today pretty much nice. see - we have an open testing channel, so no invitations or so are required.

the used Core is the same as for Android, so things are already working nicely. also the ui is not so much behind android.

we will do a larger a update tomorrow, followed by updates every week or so.

i do not think we really can make it out of Testflight this year, however, probably not much later. this is all i know :slight_smile:


I saw the latest iOS beta on GitHub but TestFlight seems not deliver it.

ios 1.0.0 should be on testflight now. if this works out well, we will go to the normal app store soon™

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Right now it working very good for me. To send audios is possible :+1: thank you. I can’t wait to have the official app!!!