DeltaChat on UbuntuTouch (UBports)

Is there any possibility to port DC on UBports UbuntuTouch? I’m willing to support such a project with money if that helps to create such a port. Just let me know.

I have looked at the email client Dekko linked from the Ubuntu Touch website, it is written in QML. There is also a Kaidan build, which is using Kirigami framework for QML. So KDeltaChat should be possible to build for Ubuntu Touch too.

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Would help, but to pay people to work full-time on it it’s much money. (like 1-2K / Person / Month).
So maybe if there is enough interest we could think about doing crowd funding.

But then next question is having people that are actually willing to work on it and support the platform in the future, maybe we could use money to kick-start the project, but in the end we need people that are willing and have the time to carry it.


Porting KDeltaChat to Ubuntu Touch is a matter of writing a snapcraft config and maintaining it, all you need is a volunteer Ubuntu Touch user with some packaging skills.

Actually developing KDeltaChat into something more usable than the current prototype is not a matter of money but me finding free time or someone joining the development.


That’s the only thing money could help with, but as I said above paying people that they can work full-time on it is not something that one can do with a few small private donations.

Also we have already access to test-devices for Ubuntu-touch, sailfishOS and mobian, so for testing first prototypes we are set in that department.