DeltaFans anonymous community

I created DeltaFans, a fully anonymous :disguised_face: (and encrypted!) community experiment

the community works using a shared account, just import this backup in your Delta Chat, then you will have a shared anonymous space you can create new groups/threads and they will be accessible to the whole community, all messages appears without sender (as sent by you) so there is no concept of identity and everyone is fully anonymous

Download Link:
just download the file and maybe rename it to:
then import it in your Delta Chat using the “restore from backup” option in the “add account” screen

known caveats:
no notifications,
no notion of unread messages,
no differentiation between self and other people’s messages,
completely anonymous, there is no control, administrator, or way to moderate

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Actually the funding of the idea might be worthy to develop into a way of chat on shared place, using just one email account. User, access, else, might come about via datas and filters shared by each mail.

But that’s probably beyond delta-chat.

(in regard of anonymous: person «wonders» why there are there are less desired for authentic and resbonsible "experiments)