Desktop client on ARM Mac freezes after a few hours

Delta Chat version 1.46.1

Desktop client on MacOS Sonoma, M2 ARM CPU

Actual behavior

After a few hours (probably one or two hours) most functionality in the desktop client becomes unresponsive to mouse clicks. The debug logs fill up with many, many error messages (see below).

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Run deltachat client
  2. Wait a few hours

Debug log

The following error message is repeated over and over, creating enormous log files.

2024-07-01T10:23:55.510Z	renderer              	ERROR	"\nfile:///Applications/"	"Unhandled Rejection:"	{"isTrusted":true}	{"stack":"RangeError: Map maximum size exceeded\n    at Map.set (<anonymous>)\n    at file:///Applications/\n    at new Promise (<anonymous>)\n    at A6.request (file:///Applications/\n    at Sl.getFullChatById (file:///Applications/\n    at selectChat (file:///Applications/\n    at C (file:///Applications/\n    at Object.tX (file:///Applications/\n    at aX (file:///Applications/\n    at iX (file:///Applications/","message":"Map maximum size exceeded"}
2024-07-01T10:23:55.710Z	renderer              	ERROR


Thanks for reporting, I filed an issue typescript client: crashes after some amount of requests · Issue #60 · deltachat/yerpc · GitHub