Disable "disappearing message" without delta-chat possible?

As it could be a possible bug, good team, developer, my person just wonders if it’s possible to disable “disappearing m” for chat-members without using delta-chat.

As a member just did so, but send messages via else then delta-chat, my person thought maybe useful feed-forward.

Strangely “…set by me…” in other chats without having acted, also some of such “disabeled” by others who surely wouldn’t act here.

If someone replies with a client that does not support disappearing messages, this feature is disabled. This is to prevent you from sending “disappearing messages” which would not actually disappear on the other side.

“Disappearing messages” is no common standard for Internet mail. Even if Delta Chat would include a respective information in mail each header, a classic mail client at the other end just ignores it. (Messages are deleted when a mail client tells the server to do so.)

I believe it depends on the client, not on the setting in Delta Chat. As soon as a reply sent from a different mail client is received, this feature is disabled.

Sorry for the inconvenience…

Separation (or selection?) in a group is not possible, all members are treated equally. If messages were not confidential, this function would not be necessary anyway. However, unless a group consists of members who (sometimes) use a classic mail client, everything will be just fine.

You can find more information here:

Summary: Currently, when ever a conversation participater or new arrival would send a message without using delta-chat, set “disappearing message” would be disable for all. So each such arising requires to set it anew, if wishing so or don’t let no delta-chat user participate.

Setting the timer over and over again will not help in any way when non-Delta Chat users are in the group, because their classic mail clients do not delete messages by themselves, but Delta Chat does…