Disable "disappearing message" without delta-chat possible?

As it could be a possible bug, good team, developer, my person just wonders if it’s possible to disable “disappearing m” for chat-members without using delta-chat.

As a member just did so, but send messages via else then delta-chat, my person thought maybe useful feed-forward.

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Strangely “…set by me…” in other chats without having acted, also some of such “disabeled” by others who surely wouldn’t act here.

If someone replies with a client that does not support disappearing messages, this feature is disabled. This is to prevent you from sending “disappearing messages” which would not actually disappear on the other side.

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“Disappearing messages” is no common standard for Internet mail. Even if Delta Chat would include a respective information in mail each header, a classic mail client at the other end just ignores it. (Messages are deleted when a mail client tells the server to do so.)

I believe it depends on the client, not on the setting in Delta Chat. As soon as a reply sent from a different mail client is received, this feature is disabled.

Sorry for the inconvenience…

Separation (or selection?) in a group is not possible, all members are treated equally. If messages were not confidential, this function would not be necessary anyway. However, unless a group consists of members who (sometimes) use a classic mail client, everything will be just fine.

You can find more information here:

Summary: Currently, when ever a conversation participater or new arrival would send a message without using delta-chat, set “disappearing message” would be disable for all. So each such arising requires to set it anew, if wishing so or don’t let no delta-chat user participate.

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Setting the timer over and over again will not help in any way when non-Delta Chat users are in the group, because their classic mail clients do not delete messages by themselves, but Delta Chat does…

disabling it because someone sent a message makes zero sense to me.

i get it disappearing message was made to emulate other messengers…

but whoever made it also knew it was impossible.

so, why not instead, just making it a different and new feature on its own?

“messages will disappear from your client, and whoever else OPTS IN (only supported by other delta chat clients for now)”.

we also need a better message to who is not on delta chat than

Disappearing messages timer set to 5 weeks by me.

such as

delta chat disappearing messages timer set to [whatever] by me: http://delta.chat/faq/disappearing

delta chat was never meant to force any such things downstream, like email never read meant for such.

keep consistency! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: