Disable site discobot?


One user told me that after registration the initial bot (“discobot” i believe) was obnoxious … what do you think, is it better to disable it?


I found some hints, like on thread creation, are just to much in the way, to be helping side-notes.


not sure i can properly parse your sentence. Are you saying that discobot was not really helping and it’s fine to disable it?


I had closed the notice that was in front of the preview without reading the hints.
They shouldn’t block anything.

They may be helpfull, but I personally would rather not have the blocking. I would prefer an unobtrusive way to make the hints available.

The yes/no decision is not good currently (and I rather answer negative), but solvable with an improved presentation.


i am not up for trying to tweak the support side – it’s either the current behaviour or disabling the bot. One person told me that the bot was much too obnoxious for her taste and she’d rather not ahve it.


Then I would say to disable the discobot messages.

But please check to put some effort in completely fixing the existing IMAP handling and use-case solutions: (once and for all, and not breaking network effects)


k, i disabled the discobot for now.

as to that other issue, that’s obviously a lot more involved than unchecking the “discobox” checkbox in the admin-interface here :wink:

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