Discover when user logged in a second time (instead of adding second device) and guide towards account transfer

When users want to setup their second device, even with the new “Add second device” feature, most users click on the first button they see (“login to your email account”). This leads to many issues; users should be guided away from it.

Expected behavior

When users login to an email account, and we detect that they used Delta Chat in the past, there should be a pop-up prompting them to “add as second device instead”. There should be additional options to either import a backup or continue with logging in/creating a new PGP keypair if they lost all other devices with Delta Chat installed.

Actual behavior

The user enters their password to login, a second PGP keypair is created, old messages are not shown, incoming messages can’t be decrypted, …

Example Images


There are different ways how we could detect whether a user has used Delta Chat in the past:

  • Check whether an IMAP folder called “DeltaChat” exists
  • Check if there are outgoing e-mails in the account with a Chat-Version header

We could also store a signed e-mail to self in the DeltaChat folder which indicates that a client exists, including relevant metadata about it. This way, different clients could know about each other.

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There is a recent change targeting this:

Hm, that’s a nice start, but we would only detect that upon sending messages from the other device, and not directly upon login, right?