[Discussion] Make DC more colorful?

IMHO DC is too grey, also the logo.

What do you think?

purple is already the default colour for the notification led (if the device supports this colour)… And there are ideas about using purple for the logo and as main colour as well, eventually in the future :slight_smile:
At least @Der_mor suggested me to create a purple theme as a first step… I’ll do it as soon as I get some time (hopefully in two weeks)…


For me it’s an accessibility problem. I’m using the dark theme and it’s very hard to parse which chats in my inbox have unread messages, as every single chat item is made of grey and bold white text.

It would help enormously if a certain high contrast color would appear in each chat item with unread messages, and only there.

hi, chats with new messages will have the colorful blue badge counter so it is easy to know which chat have new messages, also the chats with new messages are often at the top of the chat list

if you have the chats muted, they will appear in grey to don’t disturb you or catch your attention

Ah thanks, the issue for me is that most of those chats are still in request status, so they don’t get the blue badge.

I also noticed that! indeed the contact requests look not disturbing, some people will say it is a feature (ex. if you get several unwanted requests and don’t want them being too attracting your attention) on the other hand if the contact request is important and you don’t want to miss them then it is easier to overlook them between a lot of other chats with new messages, have happened to me already

Yeah it’s a mess over here as I’m constantly getting new requests. I think I’d like them in their own tab/inbox.