Display of medias in messages

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(hopefully not just a repeated suggestion)

Expected behavior

Display of linked medias (images, video, audio files…) embedded in messages automaticaly.

Maybe enable, disable in settings for individual preference suiting.

Actual behavior

Not possible to display medias, which cause much traffic and storage recources, required to attach on and on.

It is already possible to display linked images in incoming HTML emails. But it is impossible to send such messages from Delta Chat.

There is a bot adb_bot1@testrun.org which sends an image into the chat when it sees a link to image, maybe it can help?

Sadhu for care, good master link2xt,

my person is aware that sended, at least are thought to have them incl. (maybe share a broken imbedded here)

As for a bot, somehow downloading (possible not given) it would neither reduce resource use nor seems to be proper.

that one doesn’t send an image but HTML email

to get page screenshot:

to see a list of public bots and verify them:

@SamanaJohann There’s nothing broken, it’s just to prevent downloading data that may not be useful. If you want to see the images, go to the chat where you want to see the html message with images and set as in the numbered images:

Sadhu (appreciation).
Either new or my person previous ignorant, blind to it.

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