Disroot is making some changes that could be great for Delta Chat

A little time ago, I had a conversation with one of the Disroot maintainers through the fedi in which that person suggested it was discussed the possibility to have a customized domain for Delta Chat users.

Today it seems Disroot has published the intention to some related changes in the email infraestructure and it is planning to support Autocrypt.



I love the people at disroot! Great idea!


Because you have his ear would you suggest also DoveCoat TREES ?

It provides functionality similar to posteo.de

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean here. I am just notifying Delta Chat users that Disroot is making some good changes for them. Also, I don’t know about posteo.de nor have any contact with them even nor to know if they are using free software on the server side like Disroot.

Fede from Disroot is maintaining contact with some Delta Chat users from a XMPP room using a bridge and the intentions were already clarified. The domain is going to be provided nearly for sure and meanwhile Disroot are whitelisting accounts for Delta Chat use under request.


I mean, if Posteo is doing the same, good for them but the way in which you propose that about what I said is not the best way to start a conversation.