Disroot messages are not arriving at gmx any more

Since monday 04.01.2021 my messages from disroot are not delivered any more to gmx. Anybody knows this problem? Is it a matter of configuration in DeltaChat or gmx? Or is just gmx blocking disroot since this day?

Did you check the spam folder on GMX?

I got some informations from the company’s helpdesk where I’m working, that there are/were issues with mail delivery at gmx.de and web.de.

Maybe the same issue?

I already checked the spam folder, no disroot mails there …
And I don’t get an automated answer like “your email could not be delivered”. I was just informed by a gmx group member, that he is not receiving my messages anymore.

If you write to one of the gmx friends a normal email, does it arrive? If not, you should probably contact someone at disroot ASAP as they will want to know about it.

No, normal email do not arrive as well. I contacted disroot support.

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