Do we need a Sitemap plugin?

@simon suggested to use a Sitemap plugin, so search engine users who look for their problems can easier find forum topics with solutions.

I’m not sure whether we need a plugin like that for better indexing, as we never migrated the forum to a different URL or so. There is some discussion here for reference:

But installing it probably doesn’t cause much harm, so I would still go for it. Other opinions?

not sure if a sitemap.xml really adds “more” pages of this forum to the search engines; i think this is true mainly for very unsorted, large sites with lots of duplicate content etc. the structure of the pages in this forum seems to be pretty straight-forward.

however, afaik, a sitemap.xml may also help to rank pages better.

so, i’d say, if it is really simple and does not result in maintainance, we can go for it. in fact, we also have a sitemap.xml for - - mainly because it was cheap.

but if installing is more than a few minutes, few lines of code or so, i’d say it is not worth the effort just now.

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You’re right, this forum is already search-able through search-engines, but the rank isn’t high enough yet, I need to add to get enough forum results on the first page of the results. Maybe a site-map could help a bit with SEO.

Turned out, installing was not more than a few minutes. Done :slight_smile: