Does Delta Chat use OAuth for Google Mail with own Domain?

When a company uses Google Mail with their own domain, does Delta Chat detect this and use OAuth for login?

I think when it does not, it would require the user to allow “insecure” authentication, alarming users that delta chat is insecure. It does not matter if password authentication is secure or not, it is a marketing problem for delta when the user needs to set a checkmark for “insecure” apps.
Even when the user understands that there is no too big risk, it is harder to explain to them where to find the needed settings before “sign up”.

I want to recommend delta chat to a mid-size company, in that the employees look for a GDPR compliant messing solution, that will not get them into trouble because of non-EU servers.


not yet, it is just not implemented. but probably will some time in the future :slight_smile:

Would that solution check for google servers explicitly or could oauth authentication be specified in the autodiscover thing?

well, it could be both.

do you know if it is usual to put oauth settings in autodiscover/autoconfigure? or does google even created the appropriate files on their own?

For where I want to present Delta Chat, it would be sufficient to suggest the system Google account and use the OAuth flow. No need to detect if a free form e-mail belongs to Google Apps for this.

For the general case: There is probably some MX record that needs to be configured when using apps for your domain, that has always the same hostname and possible some SPF records that could be a hint as well?

Maybe those links can help:

The think we need to look for seems to be autoconfig.xml