Does work?

Hi, I tried to contact you at that address, does it work?
Does it block the messages sent with Delta Chat?? =))

should work, though we don’t always answer, because we don’t have someone employed to answer them (yet :), so core-team members answer them in their spare time. So it should rather be used if the forum doesn’t work (confidential stuff / logs) or it’s a work/collaboration request.
When did you send your message?
In which language did you write it? (if it’s not in English or German it might take longer to answer)

I’ve sent it monday 8 and I tried again yesterday wed. 10, in english of course.
I’m not in a hurry I just wanted to know if it’s still operative.

No that email did not arrive. But I just tested delta@merlinux again it still works fine. maybe try re-sending from another email account or DM me here on the forum if it is important.

This is strange!
I’ll try with another account, it’s not so important or urgent.

Edit: in my Thunderbird DC folder the mail I sent has the spam warning…