Does It work with Non Delta Chat Users?

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I was testing delta chat with my another email. But every time I send a message it appears with an attachment called encrypted.asc. I thought it work with non delta chat user as well, Non delta chat user simply get an email

Actual behavior

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If applicable, debug logs can be copied from within the Delta Chat app: 

Open the _Settings_ menu -> _About_ -> _version number|Info_.

Alternatively from the Android system log:

` adb logcat -v time -s DeltaChat `

This log contains private data (e.g. mail address, provider information) which shall be removed or anonymised prior to posting.

hi, are you sending messages to yourself and opening in another email client or do you mean you are sending from an account you have in delta chat to another email account you use in another email client???

if it is the first case, it is normal that messages to yourself in the “saved messages” chat are sent encrypted by default, you have to turn “off” encryption preference in advanced settings to send unencrypted messages to yourself

if it is the second case, did you used delta chat in that other account in the past? if so, your other device might think your other account is still using Delta Chat, simply send a message from your other email client to your other account where you have delta chat installed, then your delta chat will notice that the peer is not encrypting anymore and then your messages from delta chat to that email will be sent unencrypted

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I have sent to another account who has delta chat but I open in another emil client

Understood Thanks it helps a lot

ah, if you have delta chat as well in the other device then that is why, when you start writing from the classic email app or webmail then your other DC will switch to unencrypted messages again,

alternatively apps like k9mail support encryption, so you can read the messages even if encrypted,

but if what you are worried is about writing to people that don’t use delta chat, then don’t worry it will work, the messages will be normal unencrypted emails if they don’t use delta chat or other app with encryption support