Does the signal based android-ii frontend upload address book data?

Did you properly remove the contact discovery code (

The decrypted message content is already handed over to android system functions on the device right?

delta chat does not do contact discovery and the code that signs in to the central signal server is removed; so there is also no address book upload left. also most other signal-specific code is removed, but there’s still something to do before a final release.

you’re welcome to help checking this point carefully.

not sure what you mean here.

Good, thanks for the info.

IIRC in conjunction with the new date overlay in the message scrolling view you said that the frontend is not drawing the screen itself anymore, but using android UI functions to display the text messages on the screen.

well, trying to secure your app against UI drawing routines from Android … good luck with that :slight_smile:
Android simply controls the screen with telegram or signal or other rendering. IOW, android devices are only as secure as you think it is to run google or lineage or whatever and apps can’t really do that much to prevent an evil operating-system level attack.

Well, that’s true.

What about screen grabbing by other apps, in the browser there is a setting to block other apps. Is this block available for deltachat?