Don't add every mail address to the adress book

If I’m not wrong, DC adds every Email it gets to the Address book including CC Mail addresses?!

Can we have an option to only add TO Email-Addresses to the adress book?

The Problem for some people here (at university) is, that a lot of Mails containing a lot of CC adresses … but they will almost never write with them in DC directly. So some users “complained” they have hundreds to thousands of contacts containing (also external) addresses they don’t need.

Maybe even add TO Adresses only (with opt-in)? Would someone miss the CC Adresses anyway?

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Not sure what you mean with CC and To-addresses. All recipients of a chat are, technically, put into the To-header. The address-book of the phone should not be touched – if there is a chat with 10 new members, none of these members lands in the phone’s address book. They only land in Delta Chat own’s contact list for when you want to select whom to chat with.

How do the unwanted addresses come into DC’s contact list? Are these newsletters with lots of people in the To-header?

@all We solved this via DC chat. New bug report was created by @hpk:

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I think this topic was discussed earlier.

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@agutierrez It’s broadly a similar topic (contact/address handling) but two different issues. This one is about a growing address book from To-headers of a message that Delta Chat does not even show. The linked one is about whether a person can even see who else is in a group and which contacts are shown as group-members when opening a “new chat”. The latter is not so easy to change, as there also are valid use cases where people want to see who else is in the group, and they want to be able to message someone individually from this list.