Don't open keyboard after open the contactlist

It’s nerved if the keyboard opening immediately after I open the contact list.

The keyboard should opening first if I tap into the search field.

Dev-version 0.0.9

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A better way to fast finding contacts could be te solution like my other messenger do.

If I tap the scrollbar in the contact list there is shown a bubble with the first charter of the currently visible contact.

So it’s possilble fast ti scroll to the contactlist.

Threema (and maybe WhatsApp?) do it the same way.
And I like it :wink:

See also the attached screenshot.

Oops, just seen.
Delta chat uses the same bubble system as I mentioned :kissing_closed_eyes:

Still I don’t like if the keyboard is open immediately.

as mentioned on github, well, i find it very useful that the keyboard is just there and i can start typing immediately :slight_smile:

esp. as the list is typically very long and not very useful without typing some characters.

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Mostly I find contacts by there profile picture.

So I have everytime tab the back button to search.

It seems there is no perfect way for this :wink:

Just for curiosity I will start a poll to find out how other users think.

Do you like if the keyboard opens instantly after you opens the contact list?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Whatever!

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This seems like a typical preference thing, the preference likely even changes over time.

Thus instead of a yes/no answer, the solution may rather be a toggling switch for the seachbar with keyboard that saves its state (i.e. remembers if the search is active or not).


This sounds like a really good solution.

And I agree this preference will change from time to time

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It seems there comes up a clear votum (ok 5 voters are not representative :wink:).
But still…

Well, the poll did not contain “Yes, if I had it open the last time and did not set a fixed default.” :slight_smile:

I have no idea how this could be realized.
How should this work in detail?

If I open the keyboard for searching, probably I will close it fir selcting the contact.

Isn’t it?

Well, for the user, as mentioned above the “toggling switch for the seachbar” may simply keep its state, regardless how the dialog is closed. (As long as no specific preference is configured. A specific preference would make the dialog always open in search or browse mode respectively, no matter how the switch was set the last time the dialog was closed.)

thanks for everyone contributing here :slight_smile:

we’ll give the non-automatic-open a try in the next release :slight_smile:
i agree that the auomatic opening is annoying from time to time and it is probably easier to open the keyboard than to close it if if is unneeded.
same we do for the profile.


Thank you.