Dovecot/postfix Storage "Not supported by your provider"

Delta Chat version 1.26.2
dovecot version (f79e8e7e4)
postfix version 3.4.14

I have postfix and dovecot working together as my IMAP server. (Email has been working for years; INBOX/DeltaChat: "Connected; Last message sent successfully.)

In Delta.Chat I noticed

Storage on
“Not supported by your provider.”

Is this a known limitation of postfix/dovecot or are there example configurations that can enable storage that is compatible with Delta.Chat?

As far as knowing, informed, it’s an application at postfix, and/or required to enable. So a matter for the mail-server-admin probably, good Alexx.

Knowledgeable might find such usefull: Serving Dovecot mailbox quota status to Postfix

(Although facing similar, my person has no real ideas about all that stuff)

Thank you for the reply. I will read the link that you posted and if I find the solution there, I will report back.

Generous thought, Sadhu. But no need to feel obigated.

I got the same message for my mail and it seems I don’t receive any messages, could anybody tell me why is not supported? Or is it?