Ease the register once gained the app

Valued team of delta-chat and user,

my person told already about the “truth of use of email” in a more global perspective (Public/publishing chats, give ways to join via web) and that most user of communication would be not familar with use of email and althought having (gotten installed one anywhere, mostly by seller) wouldn’t know address and pass-word.

One thought, which is sure the most accessible, is to make it easy to gain an email-account via ones phone no. and sms, being somehow autoguided till the delta app runs.

Another thing, that just came to mind, and probably more easy, would be an option of auto-register by using the cell-phones email account(s).

Not sure if it would be possible to pull this information on pushed order out of the device and let the app fill in the emailadress and password by itself.

As told, most user actually have one, to get into playstore or what ever, but never used it intentional, wouldn’t easy find out address, not to speak about password.

Maybe some inspirations for those thinking good to look out of a actually decaying box, toward a new world, different generation, much larger as western/modern propaganda might display it their citizens.

Such as delta-chat actually opens up a lot of choice and comfortable use without the requirement to become a bond “citizens” of any global internet-nation (company) as such as the use of privat email-server is still open, and even nations could provide their people with such, although the burden of blocking by email-companies of private email-servers is also already a challenge not easy to master if not being an industry.

My person hopes that some back-grounds are usefull to get possible usefulness better understood, yet clear that most would need to take it on trust, since dwelling in another realm, protected by it’s own propaganda (preoccupation for the use of justification of ones customs/ways of conduct).

(The matter is even more extrem in regard of apple-devices, as my person has seen a little, of which’s users are even more caught by hidden functions and accessibility, but this sphere is total utopian for my person to get better understood)

Delta Chat doesn’t want to offer any official mail server.

What can be done though:

  • Try to find existing email accounts on the phone and import settings from existing email clients on desktop.
  • Suggest and autocomplete known email providers from provider database.
  • Add a link to registration page and “forgot password” page to login screen.

Sadhu (appreciation) for phrasing it maybe more ease to get the topic, to set a more compact set, for understanding, good mr/mrs link2xt.

Good if letting one add own, privat, hosts, or give ways that givers could add their offers, gifts (or as told already, use this portal for financing it, organicing a fee from commercial email provider)

Portalpage of app displaying maybe certain oppinions:

  • let app search for your email account on your device
    • listing then all found and user chose even multi-accounts right there.
  • No email? -> Here you can get one.
  • Forgot your pw? -> let delta try to look for it, contacting your provider.
  • QR-access (no idea here)

It might be that statistically many have gained, gain again and again, email address , foremost for use of international services, but hardly anyone not used to use email for corresponding, would know it and his/her password. Sure also a matter of script, or would you be easy able to remember សវន.ពុត@គូគ្ល.កហ password: ថ៥៦៨យដឥm? Even in German speaking countries, although latin script, most would avoid english, if something is avaliable in German. So against the idea that most could use email, my person guesses, if good, just 10% of media user would actually be reachable. Just to try to make it more understandable, outside the box.

As it seems, access with larger companies email-address, isn’t easy since require certain setting. This to cuts off 90% of lasting possible user, not capable (since to less understanding or lack of effort), off.

Just a practical feed-back from outside the blessed box, another world.
Fist Khmer user, actually having IT education and some english skill, (similar a common German person with ground-school and no special understandings and use of it) with lot of effort, could get the app run by using a sangham-email within some hours. Joining a group required another good time.
Later, another person desiring birth in this realm, guided by her, with help of children, needed 3 days to get it run, impossible with gmail, and another two days to be able to join a group. Yet long time user of FB (localized, tel.no. access) as well as telegram (not localized, yet simple to access, to use)

Speaking very direct, in the old world, and broad spectrum of merely consumer in the new world, if good, could reach maybe 0.5 of people having access to device and possibility to gain email intentional, taken the app as it is, without personal guiding, training.
It’s of course a matter of accessible conncentration to gain birth in this realm, but also no thoughs of the dangers taking on easy accessible.

So problem is email account (email address + password) is too complicated? Or the missing localization?
Why did joining a group took so long?

To draw a sample, good master Simon, and Sadhu for interest and care: How long took it, if even finally done, that good Simons mother (just a sample of a total not IT-person), used to other ways of assecc to communication, say telefon, could register for an email and get the software run (not say this all even in English (foreign language and unknown meanings of all)?

People here (say old worlds) are used to take and use that which does the unknown work and using existing things.

It requires very much effort by those who desire to give birth and those wishing to take birth in a particular realm, sphere of existance.

  • Gain of email, yet one that work without extra requirement.
  • Install app (easy if given link)
  • Find way how to join, how to start…
  • all in language and word, out of sphere of understanding meaning, even not used to read much and not used to search for solutions when hindrances appear but used to be guided.

Ways used to, say FB or telegram, require simple download and then, after having given what one naturally has, being guided, even searched for all contacts and steady encouraged, one in secounds, can start to communicate. Later one might close up to broad accessibility. Here it works different. Starting total closed up, one is required to search ways for reaching out.

As just shared thoughts: To easy accessibility to at least take part from outside but also as way to increase desire to wish to gain birth.

Good if there would be a possibility to make, on order, disscussion groups public visible, say by a chain of commands, building and renewing a website for this “Chat”'s display, maybe on a docuwiki page.

One would there be served by ways how to actively access as well “like to join actively?”. Atma tries to make it accessable by making a topic (converting sound-files into jpg is still not easy, as such tool isn’t given).