Easiest way to self host and compatible web services

i’m tired to wait for disroot to make my domain work with my email.

ideally i would self host, but i doubt there’s any easy way…

so, do you know good web hosts that do it in a way that i could easily migrate later to a self host, while having my own domain?

back when i got dis’root months ago, i already tried every single option on https://providers.delta.chat

Mailcow is an easy option for self hosting and they recently added a sieve rule for DeltaChat so DeltaChat messages are automatically moved to the DeltaChat folder by default: https://mailcow.email/2021/01/14/back-to-the-future-with-delta-chat/

For email services that support custom domains I can recommend mailbox.org

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Certain meta: Sometimes already indirect suggested, my person still thinks that a handy implementation of getting an email account easy via the register interface would be of much help and couldn’t go that much against “we just provide a tool” if in a good cooperation with some provider. Such could also secure a long term fonding of further development, good master Simon, but surely goes more beyond technical decisions.

mailcow looks interesting indeed… but after reading it for an hour, i must say it’s still very far from trivial/easy.

perhaps it will be my go to option though.

mailbox have at least this big issue for me:

Can I use this for my organisation/business?
Yes and No. mailbox.org has been designed for use by freelancers or small businesses. If there are several people who want to use email accounts with the same domain name, each of them will need their own mailbox.org account. For each of these accounts a security key needs to be added to your DNS entries. Unfortunately shared calendars and address books cannot yet be used in such configurations.

not to mention it must be even harder to migrate out, or at least it doesn’t seem to offer any option to do so.

and i actually want, somewhere in the future, to also implement a sort of mailing list.

thanks for the recommendations, i’ll keep on looking and let you know once i settle at something. :kissing_heart:

What are your requirements for migration?

  • be able to migrate out, as simple as possible, into the self host we shall build soon enough
  • same domain name for 3 accounts
  • the least amount of settings and configuration

but i do appreciate the help so far.

i’m actually even considering to drop using delta chat for the group and our project given how complex emails are.

i guess i was hoping to find simpler things. it’s ok if there isn’t, it’ll be just a matter to ponder upon.

We have plans to support email account migration in the future.
Why not self host right away?
For migration don’t you only need to change the DNS entries and copy over the old IMAP data to the new host (if you need the old imap messages at all)?
Maybe you also need to change the credentials and reconfigure delta-chat if the servers changed so it can correctly save the new ones.

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from my previous experience with email, ISP and SMTP, and from what i’ve been updating myself, it looks like email have became sadly less automated and more maintenance intensive than i anticipated.

so if i ever manage to self host email, it might take a very long time still.

mailbox don’t seem to offer IMAP folder access, for instance. like at least 99.99% of email host, probably.

not sure if it’s just changing DNS entries after that. it sure feels like there will be much more.

ideally, for messaging, we should be able to not rely on any host machine and work a bit like briar, as decentralised as possible.

i always assumed we could eventually make the SMTP into android eventually. it looks now like i assumed too much.

what do you mean by that? that you can manage imap folders over imap or something exotic like
that you can download mbox files over ftp from you mailserver?

You can indeed manage your imap folders over imap on mailbox.org. If you are unsure about it you can do the free trial.

You could do that, but this will likely mark you mails as spam on the receiving site due to changing ip address.

I don’t know what your ISP has to do with your email server, you just need one that provides you with a static ip address and a port forwarding rule in your router.
Mailcow has a cool supportive community that you can ask your questions. mailcow is a docker setup so the only real things that are left to do is to provide the right config values and configure your DNS from what I’ve gathered, so not too hard.

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oof… my super power of confusion is hard to turn off! :innocent::rofl:

i’ll try.

imap folder access you guessed it. i meant exotic. i did use the wrong term. my mistake. imap sync takes much longer to transfer less data than mbox. lots of data get lost.

my previous experience managing a small isp, including resolving smtp problems, back in 2004. i thought we’ve talked before about this. probably my mistake again. :grin:

mailcow is still much harder than i remember from those days. given all my brain errors so far, could as well be, you guessed, my mistake! :rofl:

putting smtp on android would not be too connect to the internet, but rather over wifi only and bluetooth. to make delta chat work “offline”.

hope it’s a bit clearer.

I think that would require something different, as far as I know SMTP is based on the internet (TLS encryption, domain names, TCP (not sure if tcp can be done over bluetooth) and so on…)

Sure docker can also be annoying, but as long as you update it regularly and keep in contact with the community if you got questions/problems, you should be fine.