Edit messages in Delta Chat

No matter how much you change the keyboard, no matter how much you check what you type, there is no way to avoid making mistakes when writing a message and more when communication is a bit fast. And then when we review, we realize the nonsense we’ve written.
So I recommend.
Allow editing the message
I know this is not a normal messaging application, but I think this will not be a problem for this team of developers who work miracles.

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Telegram, you have this option

this is quite possible to implement (will work only for users that are using Delta Chat of course)
the gist of the thing: you send a message saying it is an update of message X where X is the unique message’s ID.
Devs are no short of work, so in the meanwhile as a workaround you can just copy the message and send it fixed or just say the word you meant with an asterisk like: delta*
after all the feature is nice but no show stopper :wink:

btw, I think you forgot to set a category to this topic?


i added the category, thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

so, in MUA it should look like revocation with a new version instead; nice!

though personally I ok to just send another message with correction, there much more needed things

I know the priorities , I am not in a hurry, but if I would like in the future, I really do not like the mess in the messages, poorly written messages, other rectifying messages, and so …
However, I started to think, because most messengers don’t have it,
I think for business people like me it could be confusing a message asking for one thing and then when you reread the message it says something else,