Email form console to deltachat app

Hello everyone, I am trying to use deltachat to receive emails with an attached audio file from the console.
I have made a scriopt to listen to a ham radio on a certain channel and when a message arrives, it records the voice and sends it by mail to my account (imap).
the problem is that the mail arrives correctly to my account, but deltachat does not see it. I can see the message if I enter with for example Roudcube from the web, but this is not the scope. What I want to do is that I can use deltachat to communicate by radio, and therefore I have to be notified in a few seconds that I have a new message.

The command I use in the script is very simple:

$ mail -s “New Message form radiobot” -A message.ogg

Is there any way for an email to arrive directly in the deltachat folder?


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You can set Deltachat to also watch the inbox folder or set your email account up with a filter/move-rule to move emails meant for Deltachat into the Deltachat folder.

But I think your actual problem might be that you send a normal email and you have not told Deltachat to show all emails and not just chat emails:

Also note that you can create bots for Deltachat with the core that Deltachat uses, this has a few advantages:

  • you can use all Deltachat features
  • messages are automatically chat messages already
  • you an easily have your communication encrypted

You can write Deltachat bots in multiple languages: C, Python, Rust, NodeJS and with some effort also in Java.

Some bot resources:

Feel free to ask for help in this forum, if you need it.

PS: Cool project, will you do a Video demo or write a post about it when it’s done?

There is no way to make the message arrive into the Delta Chat folder except by using server-side Sieve filter. Usually Delta Chat detects messages in the Inbox and moves them to DeltaChat folder because of the Chat-Version header described in the specification. You can add a Chat-Version: 1.0 header to your messages.

Other options are enabling reception of non-chat messages in Delta Chat and using the Delta Chat library to send messages as @Simon wrote above.

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tnx for the infos to all

I will do a video when it’s working For de moment I have write downs a Repeater for the radio. This is the base for my idea. A crosslink radio<->email.

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