Email provider comparison

We compared 20 international popular email providers considering performance, practicability and transparency as main criteria to find out which providers work well with Delta Chat. We published a table with the measurement results in our blog: Which e-mail providers work well with Delta Chat? Quite some :) - Delta Chat

In the table you will see both qualitative and quantitative evaluations. We measured things like message sending speed, attachment size, steps for the set up with Delta Chat, IMAP features and more. Please let us know what you think about it!


as @adbenitez noted posteo does state “1000 message-recipients per day” here Email green, secure, simple and ad-free - - Terms and Conditions

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already fixed it in all 3 places :slight_smile:


Thanks Nami! I also replaced the screenshot teaser in the blog and here in the forum.

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It would be good to also add providers like gandi or ovh… :slight_smile:


So how do we add providers to this list? I’ve just verified DeltaChat with our GDPR-safe e-mail service Work2Go :slight_smile:

Would love to see and added to the list.

Hello :wave:,
some data in the list is no longer up-to-date: supports attachments with 20 megabytes instead of 15 megabytes. supports attachments with 60 megabytes instead of 36 megabytes.
Unfortunately only 50 emails per day in the free version.

iCloud Mail supports 20 megabyte attachments instead of 15 megabytes.