Enanced input bar in iOS

The input bar on iOS looks a bit impractical compared to the android version. Especially the audio tool UX feels strange to me. I’d propose to adapt the structure from the Android version of the chat input bar to the iOS version.

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I think screenshots would help your post that everyone understands it even if they don’t have one of the devices (no iOS or no android).

hi @leonceaklin - first of all: welcome aboard!

to the iOS input bar: yip, this is not-so-good as on android, android is some good time ahead here.

also, the whole staging area is missing on iOS, which i find even more important than iterating over voice message-ux (staging area = show images before sending, allow adding text to them etc.).

however, moving forward here takes time and resources - that are also shared with other areas. as we have “quoting” not on android, improving things here becomes even more important, so, i think, things will evolve.

just in case you are an iOS dev: are you up to help on these areas?