Encryption issue with broad cast v 1.14.7

Good team, developer, user,

getting an error in receiving possible system mail from (one) recipient on a broad cast message back, maybe useful to feed it forward here.

From a second account on device, recipient of broad cast, as just from this recipient. And ‘strangely’ only from one broad cast list, where currently added as member.

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hi @SamanaJohann it seems your friend setup Delta Chat from scratch in two devices? or your friend re-installed delta chat?
that error means that the sender of that messages encrypted the message for a key that the receiver doesn’t have, that can happen if the receiver re-installed or configured Delta Chat in a new device without using a backup or “add as second device”

if they reinstalled delta chat, just replying to the encrypted message will fix it, if they have a second device they have to re-configure it using a backup or “add as second device”

otherwise please clarify better what you mean, it is a bit hard to understand the exact situation, thanks a lot for taking the time to report and so sorry for the annoyances :pray:

maybe we should have an option to disable encryption completely, while useful for some people, in this case that you even run your own server, if you send unencrypted messages all problems will vanish and people could reinstall delta chat or add new devices without having to worry about not being able to read the messages

about the “download” button displayed, that is a bug, I created a fix:

Would/could you risk that freedom and end of dangers? :slight_smile:

Like always, appreciation for all care, and it’s somehow logical that ‘chinese wishpers’ are either not really secure or ‘Russian rollet’ for those relay on. No need to be a skilled mathematics, but just a ‘Milchmädchenrechnung’.

My person thinks that the user had once reinstalled or tried another device. Yet, nobody used to just use apps, would figure things out, unless very interested or a geek.

(Send from where people not even have locks on there houses, usually.)

It’s hard to tell details, since people usually just use it, hardly have attention of in how they used it and how it work.

Mudita (didn’t mention it, thought easy to see).

As told, good master adbenitez, one device, personal second account. As it looked like as if no more making system mails end up so, disable notification on receiver-side gave again a encryption issue mail.

And why does the sender of broad cast seemingly get’s an system mail when turning off notifications in broadcast chat?