Enter as Incognito Mode

I would like sometimes to review the messages but not to be marked as read, or generate acknowledgment of receipt, just to take a quick look, and then read them and respond calmly …

We could use the method of, sliding the Chat, to enter as incognito

In the interface, there should be some sign that you entered the chat as an incognito

Incognito mode ends if a message is answered or sent.

you could simply turn read notifications off

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or read the messages using the notification

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Yes, you could turn read notifications off, but it would be nice to still mark them read when you want. I actually want that from all messengers but have not seen any that implement it that way. It’s already possible with the inconvenient notification read hack. So why not make it easier and less hacky/hidden functionality?

I would like to see how you imagine this feature UX wise. Can you make some concept sketches?

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I could, but I think it’s easy enough to describe and imagine it: Just put a little button beside or below the message bubble. Or do you want to know where exactly I’d put it because you don’t think it could be done without looking confusing or cluttered and that’s why you don’t want the feature to be implemented?

That would add much complexity. At least the way I picture it when reading your words (manual mark read on each message).
I see why you would want to have such a feature, though It’s rather a social issue when you get pressured by your peers to react to every message.
Adding more complexity to the UI hurts the normal user experience.

If you implement it and it makes sense UI wise, I’m happy to merge the pull request.
I’m not totally against it, It’s more like I can’t imagine how to implement this feature in a simple & practical way that won’t get into the way of the normal user experience.

Also there is a related topic about marking chats as unread to provide a reminder to look at it again, might be interesting too:
Mark Chat as Unread

I get where you’re coming from, I like minimalistic interfaces. However right now it’s a hack/hidden feature so I think that’s worse. You’re probably right in that a mockup or demo would be the only way where we’d have the chance to agree, that is just my experience. Either I’m wrong and I’ll realize it once I’ll try to do it or I’m right and you’ll see that it doesn’t look or feel as bad. Or maybe we’ll still disagree :slight_smile: But I’m afraid discussing it further will not help, too theoretical, too little actual experience.

Sorry, I won’t develop this. Nice to hear, that you’d merge it though :slight_smile: I was just giving my opinions, hope it didn’t come off as demanding.

Oh cool, yeah I actually miss the “mark as read” or “to do” feature for notifications. I know there is the notification log, but it’s too different. We’ll see where things go and what solutions and ideas will pop up, I’m excited :slight_smile:

Just an additional quick little heads up: How about having a menu when you touch a message? The first option could be “mark message as read” and next in the list the ones that show up when you long press a message. It gets away with how it is right now because that’s how most messengers do it, so people already know it. It could be better for newcomers. One could argue that you’d open the menu accidentally sometimes when scrolling. But that doesn’t seem to be the case or bother anyone in lists that have items that are touchable. Anyway, just talking, because it’s interesting. Have a nice day and thanks for your time regarding DeltaChat and for pushing software freedom.

How about adding a menu item to the MessagListItem context menu and only display it when read notifications are disabled? It’s not a very conveniant way but could be possible if enough people want to have this.


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