Enter key confirms

New users who are familiar with other apps might expect the enter key to confirm (have the same behavior as pressing the tick mark) when changing settings or setting up a new account

Expected behavior

If the last input field on the page is selected (when changing settings or setting up a new account) and the user presses the enter key, this confirms the changes (or at least show a message explaining you need to press the tick mark)

Actual behavior

Pressing the enter key has no response, which might confuse some people

I don’t understand what you mean, please elaborate.

I think it is about being able to navigate dialogs via keyboard, ex trigger ok/cancel/save buttons in dialogs via keyboard also move focus across buttons and elements

the desktop app lacks in accessibility via keyboard, you need to use a mouse a lot for several tasks that are just impossible to do without a mouse

Yes and also with the mobile app. For example when I wanted to log into my email, I entered my address and password, then pressed enter, expecting this to log in. I was confused because nothing happened, but after I saw that I must press the tick mark.

This is the same with other settings that have text input fields, for example if I am changing my profile name or the name of a group or the name of a contact, I expect that pressing enter will confirm my changes, but I need to remember that enter does not do anything and I need to only press the tick mark.

This is not a very big problem, only minor inconvenience, but I make this suggestion in order to reduce confusion for new users, make interface intuitive and like @adbenitez explains also more keyboard friendly (reduce need for mouse).

I guess you are trying to use the mobile app in desktop via some emulator? in a phone you are not expected to provide complete keyboard based navigation since the keyboard itself is in the touch screen and you can just tap the other button instead of a keyboard button

you can connect keyboards to mobile devices via bluetooth. (sometimes even via usb, but bluetooth is more common)

I know you can, but that is a niche situation, it is almost a waste of time to take care of that use case on Android

Thank you @adbenitez and @Simon for your replies

No, I mean something much simpler. I use the phone touch screen keyboard and my first ‘instinct’ is to tap the enter key on the phone touch screen keyboard. Yes, I can tap the tick mark instead, which is why I don’t think this is a big problem, but when I used the app for the first time, I only realized that I needed to tap the tick mark after first tapping the touch screen enter key and wondering why it wasn’t working. So my suggestion is more about reducing confusion for new users and making the UI more intuitive for people who are used to different apps