Extend Location-Sharing timespan

looks like it’s only UI. And maybe a function to get all chats that have location streaming enabled.

@cehteh desktop does not have the option to enable location streaming. We think there is no need for it on desktop, but sure might be kinda useful for laptops too, if you are on the move and have somehow a way to get exact location over WLAN triangulation. But again that’s stuff for a dedicated feature proposal.

Either would work for me, I just had the feeling that it may be too cluttered when there are too many time spans to select from (and the one one needs still isn’t there). Entering the absolute time date/time when a trip/vacation/whatever ends may be useful.

I know, the limit is not in core but a subjective limit on purpose by the devs to avoid misuse and with “until you can select long periods of time” I meant until the “location streaming is enabled” notification/hint is more prominent and we can remove the restriction from the UI that is intentional