Extend Location-Sharing timespan

Currently the DeltaChat location sharing feature allows it to be enabled for up to 6hrs. In many cases this is not sufficient. For example I am often doing longer hikes or bike rides and want my spouse know where I am. It is quite unfortunate that it disables itself mid hike/ride. Usually I forget to re-enable it. Its purpose should also be that the position is known when anything happens where I am not able to re-enable the position sharing (lets say Phone got lost/stolen).

Expected behavior

Having options to enable the Location sharing for much longer timespans (24hrs, 2 weeks, even permamently)

Actual behavior

Maximum is 6hrs


hi @cehteh, the main concern about allowing longer times in the official Delta Chat client is privacy issues, like someone getting access to your phone and enabling location sharing forever or days before you realize it, it could even be an archived chat.

That said I just added support to share location for 12 hours to DeltaLab 1.34.10, the app should be available in some hours here:

and also in IzzyOnDroid (F-Droid repo)

I had this concern too, but left this out for a start. We discussed this on IRC already some time ago. Personally I see this problem too, but do not want to compromise on the feature to enable location sharing for long (indefinite). My suggestion would be that for any timespan longer than 1 day (or 12hrs, whatever) Deltachat notifies the user once a day, via notification or toast message. OTOH I wont want to worry too much. If anyone gets the hands on your phone in a unlocked state they can invade your privacy much more by installing some malicious app that could do all kinds of bad things. The only privacy issue to address is that someone enables it and forgets about disabling it.

We should just show a sticky banner at the top in a green color, maybe even blinking or animated that location streaming is enabled and when pressing it you could get a list of chats that you share your location to and for how long with an easy way to disable it.
That’s some UI work, but I think that’s the right solution IMO.


Just another question (a little bit offtopic :grimacing:).
Is it planned to extend location sharing to only send one-time the current location?

E.G. Question: Where can I find you?
Answer: Send one-time the current location.

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for this use case you just have to send a POI “here”

Do you mean to use a third-party App?
That’s what I would like to prevent.
Other messengers (e.g. Threema) use a button to attach the current location.

“Location sharing” catch the current location send it and show it on a map. Why not add a option “send location only one-time” and do the same?

If there is no feature proposal for this yet then please create an extra topic for it.

POI is a Point Of Interest, if you are in the map view of the location streaming feature, then you should be able to tab to create a POI anywhere, at-least that’s how it works on desktop.

Thank you.

The POI handling as described is really complicated and not user-friendly.
So it’s easier to share the current location from a third-party App :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought there is already a feature request.
But I’m not sure. I will take a look later.

why is it complicated? I find it quite nice, you just open the map and can tap on places and send messages pointing to places like “lets meet in this bar” or “here lives my mom”, I understand you want the feature to send current location once, but there is no need to magnify the issue to make it look impossible to live without that feature and all other features are “super complicated” and can replace it :wink:

while you wait for a “send location once” feature, with the POI feature you can do the same as the share location once and do more, with the same number of taps, plus giving some nice personalized message, I don’t think it is the end of the world without that feature, and you can also just share location for 5 minutes, that wouldn’t kill anyone as well, or cancel the sharing after only 1min or some seconds

a more interesting feature proposal, would be to have a way to jump from these messages in the chat, to the map view and have the map centered in the POI, but I guess we are getting too offtopic in this thread that is about sharing for long periods of time, you can create a thread about “share location once” if it doesn’t exists and we can continue to discuss the topic without disturbing this thread

I know, you don’t need this feature. I have learned if you don’t need something, you fight against it like a Tiger. I don’t understand why. I like your developing skills. But sometimes I really would like to mute all conversations with you. Sorry, but conversation with you is more complicated then send a POI.

And yes, I can live without this feature. I can live without DeltaChat at all.

I think it’s a really nice feature. And I also know there are many people out there who would like this feature.

Hopefully you stop putting your opinion in this thread. Hopefully other people without this “Im against it because I don’t need it!” have also a opinion about this really cool feature.

I’m out of here.

Blockquote if there is no feature proposal for this yet then please create an extra topic for it.

This was my plan until @adbenitez started his discussion.
Probably I will pause my support for Delta Chat for a while. I don’t like to spend my sparetime with fruitless discussions.

Sorry and thank you (and all others) for your attention all the time. Also for unattractive requests.

wtf … this discussion got derailed, I personally would like any of the features mentioned above but it be nice if we discuss here about my proposal, stay goal oriented without anyone feeling bad about it. Of course I want to see this implemented (otherwise i wouldn’t have suggested it), if it gets rejected on technical, social or resource based arguments then let it be. But if this discussion leaves anyone sour and dies off because of that I am pretty disappointed.

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Brainfart: I haven’t looked at the code, but I guess that when a user selects a timespan it actually calculates the absolute time when the location sharing shall be disabled internally? If so, why not offer the user a calendar picker widget where the absolute time can be selected directly (below the fixed intervals). This could be pretty convenient for all use case I imagine: setting it to the next day, end of vacation, some arbitrary date 10 years in the future (that’ll be practically permanently enabled).

It wont clutter the UI with some more options, nor would we need to discuss which intervals suit best without overflowing with too much options.

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Dear @webratte, I am not against your feature proposal (that is out of place of this thread, as well as this reply, so sorry @cehteh for continuing, hopefuly with this message the offtopic ends here)

indeed I would like the option to “share location once” as well, I was giving you a temporal solution that works today until such feature arrives, and you were negating my alternative proposed solution like someone inflexible with a fixed idea or purpose in their mind negating anything else if it is not the exact thing you want. And in general, I was just giving my opinion about the feature, and other similar features and their relevance.

If the “share location once” was a trivial thing to add without open questions and changes in core, I would have added it already to the Android app, the same way I added an extra option to share location for 12 hours. It is not that devs are against you or wants to cancel some feature proposal, if it has not been added yet, even after you mention it several times in Delta Chat groups and here, is for other more technical reasons, that has nothing to do with personal feelings or wanting to be a “Tiger” for no good reason.

Hope you stick around, and your wished feature gets added at some point :wave:

it seems you are forgetting what has been said already to you here (or was it on IRC some time ago?) the issue is not that we are stuck with a list to select a few options because we don’t know how to add a calendar picker, the issue is that it is intentional to not offer a calendar or long periods of time to enable the location sharing because the feature could be enabled for days or forever to track you and currently it is not easy to see to what chats you are sharing location, most Delta Chat developers are really serious about user privacy and avoiding Delta Chat becoming a way to track their users, hence why there is resistance in de developer team to allow location sharing for long periods of time.

The solution, (as mentioned by Simon IIRC) would be to add an sticky header/note at the top of Delta Chat window or in the chat list view, notifying that location sharing is enabled in some chats, then user are always aware of it and tapping the banner/notification shows a list of chats where location sharing is enabled, then we can allow user to select location sharing from a calendar, or to share forever (probably still some will complain since if you don’t open the app you don’t know that the app is sharing location in background)

adding first the feature to be more aware of location sharing is some work in all Delta Chat clients, that needs to be done before then more UI work to allow to select from a calendar or other improvements to allow more flexible location sharing times, hope this clarifies why your proposal is not added immediately

that said, I already mentioned to you, you can use DeltaLab temporarily if you really need sharing location for 12 hours “today”, isn’t 12 hours enough for your bike, etc use case?

Last off-topic.

I asked Is this feature planed.
Simon replied I should open a feature proposal.
All clear. End of discussion.

You strated a dicusion for workarounds I never asked for. That’s a every time behaviour of you.
Please think about it.

End of off-topic in this thread of my side.

I never discussed about anyone about a calendar picker iirc. that was just an idea I had.

I am well aware of the privacy implications. This is something that should be sorted out in this thread, as Simon suggested. For me personally this is low priority, but I wont want that DC is used to track users without their consent.

However: this is totally unrelated to using a calendar widget. After all we define a time span, no more no less. The ‘logic’ on any kind of these notification would stay the same.

IF location_streaming_is_active(/*optional: for more than X hours in the future*/) THEN

Actually just another Idea: if someone selects a timespan longer than X then it should display a warning “You selected to enable location sharing for more than X hours do you want to Proceed/Abort”. Rationale: instead someone maliciously enabling location sharing I also see some ‘fatty finger’ cause where oneself accidentally enables it for longer than intended.

I haven’t tried DeltaLab yet and for my personal use case I would like much longer time spans than 12Hours (even infinitely).

I am not very versed on Electron, my best guess would be that adding a calendar picker would be pretty much stock code/existing widget. As far it goes for the internals and rust backend I may eventually look into this myself. But first things first, I would like some consent here what could and should be implemented.

I don’t think a date picker makes sense until you can select long periods of time, also that would need a time spinner to select hours and minutes, basically the same picker than for the phone’s alarm app I guess, in general you also don’t need super fine-control over this, so I bet probably it is more user friendly to just offer some options as of now, with maybe 2 or 3 extra options, like “1 day, 1 week, forever” additional to the current preset