F-Droid Delta Chat stuck at 1.8.1?

I have been waiting a while for F-Droid Delta Chat to be updated to the latest version. A while ago, someone mentioned that there was some problem with the F-Droid build. (How is F-Droid any different from the Google Play version?)

Is it better to use the Google Play version? or is this just a one-time glitch?

Keep up the good work on Delta Chat!


F-Droid builds are done on f-droid’s build server and not by us, we just upload a recipe to tell their build server what to do and what new versions there are.
On G-Play on the other hand we build the app and upload it to google play store, that same build is also distributed as apk under https://download.delta.chat/android/ (you need to manually update if you decide to go the apk route)

Also the new version made it finally to f-droid a few days ago: https://f-droid.org/packages/com.b44t.messenger/

Thanks for the detailed reply, Simon! For some reason, my F-Droid app does not show any version past 1.8.1. Not sure what’s going on there.


You can track the status in issues opened, mostly, in https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/issues (https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=âś“&state=all&search=delta+chat)

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As of now, version 1.10.5 should be available on F-Droid. If not try refreshing by pulling down on F-Droids starting screen.

Thank you. Yes refreshing seemed to have done the trick, even though it’s supposed to download updates automatically…


Most vendor specific Android version are a wrack and almost kill everything that is running in the background, thus preventing apps from doing their stuff. So it’s likely that it’s not the F-Droid people to blame. What OS are you on?

You’re probably right about the restricting of background processes.
Given all the malware available for Android, that is probably a good
thing on balance, except that the ability for the user to manually
override the restrictions for particular apps seems to be an obvious
(and therefore probably deliberate) omission.

The only way I can get reliable message delivery in Delta Chat is to
enable the applicable option in the Delta Chat settings, which puts a
permanent notification on the notification bar. Badly done, Google.